Saturday, October 22, 2005

Wedding #2

Yesterday the rain finally ended, and I headed out on my walk to the store. It was REALLY chilly and windy - I had to wear my leather jacket, and I wished I had brought my wool cap. Stocked up on a few items, although I realized last night at movie time that I forgot the popcorn. On several trips to the store recently, I noticed my favorite Korean singer Chaeyeon promoting automotive products:

Chaeyeon Selling Automotive Products Posted by Picasa

I don't know if that is a sign of increasing or decreasing popularity. In America, I would think that a celebrity who was selling auto cleaning products was declining in popularity, if not already out of circulation. But things may be different in Korea.

I need to watch the remaining DVDs in my collection, so last night I sat through the nearly 3 hours of "Saving Private Ryan". I don't know why I've waited so long to see it (probably I didn't have 3 free hours), but it was an excellent movie.

Today was CH and HS wedding day, and around noon-time my friend WJ came to get me. On the way to the wedding hall, we passed an inredible sight. There was an old man pushing a bicycle, with a tree about 8 feet (2-1/2 m) tall on the carrier! Wow. I took a photo, but he was already across the street by the time my camera powered up. I need a faster camera. The photo is a bit blurry, but you can see the tree.

Mobile Tree on a Bike Posted by Picasa

We arrived at the wedding hall, about 10 minutes or more early. However, it took about 15 minutes to get a parking space. Apparently the wedding hall doesn't have enough parking spaces. Initially I was surprised at this. But, I guess it should come as no surprise, since there are parking shortages everywhere. We arrived at the wedding room just in time to see the groom and bride walking down to the front of the room to being the wedding. I wish my camera was already warmed up, because I would have loved to photograph the ladies with swords who ushered them into the aisle. It was impressive. I also met CH's mother and brother for the first time.

CH+HS Wedding Day Posted by Picasa

We saw the whole western wedding ceremony, and stayed afterwards to watch the photo session. We participated in one photo with CH and his friends. Then we went to the dining hall, and ate an incredile Korean lunch. By that time, it was nearly 2pm and everyone was so hungry. This wedding dinner was a little different from the wedding 2 weeks ago - this one was a buffet style meal. The selection of dishes was great, and I ended up with some very delicious foods, some of which I had not eaten before. A few of them were REALLY spicy, too. Again, I continue to be amazed at the quantity of food that these thin Korean women can eat. At our table, were two wives of some of CH friends (I won't even give initials to avoid even the remote possibility of embarassment). They each returned to the buffet table for a second plate piled high with food, and one of them ate dessert, too. I am a big man, and eat a lot of food (just ask Mrs. Stumbler). But I could only eat about 1-1/2 plates of this food, while these small ladies packed away 2 full plates. I envy the metabolism of these Korean women....

Finally, we finished up and headed home. Ran into CH on the way out, fully dressed in Korean Hanbok:

The Stumbler and CH (in the Hanbok) Posted by Picasa

Finally, let me quote something I read on a website that I found hilarious. I was looking up the spelling of a Korean dish that I will eat tonight with my friend SC. I sometimes use this website as a rough guide to some popular Korean foods. This dish, budae-jjiggae has an interesting history, involving SPAM. I just loved this quote....

"To get the right taste of this dish, Spam sausage should be added."

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Mama Stumbler said...

SPAMKU, with apologies to Basho

Rising sun kills chill,
quiet mountain cabin sleeps.
Frying SPAM wakes all.

Tied down, forced to eat
a frozen SPAM popsicle.
Mother of nightmares.

Doorstop, paperweight,
pencil holder, shoe polish.
SPAM, wonder product.