Friday, December 30, 2005

Floor Project

Mrs. Stumbler has been wanting a new floor in the Laundry for a long time. She was finally able to get me to do the project this week. Since we have done wood laminate floor before, we decided to do it again in the laundry room. Here is the old floor:

Old Laundry Floor Posted by Picasa

The work went surprisingly fast. Compared to the last time we did this kind of project, the technology has improved. There is no glue needed, and the thin styrofoam pad is now build onto the board itself. From start to finish, it took us about 5 hours for this small room - about 100 square feet, or for my Korean friends, 9 square meters, or 2.8 pyong (평). That time does not include removing the washing machine and dryer, and cleanup. These have been sitting in the same place for 14 years - the things we found underneath were amazing! It was like an archaelogical dig. We even found some cat toys from the previous owner of the house!

Here are a few photos of me working. Since it is so unusual for me to actually do work around the house, I have included several different photos.

Is it "Measure Once, Cut Twice" or... Posted by Picasa

... or "Measure Twice, Cut Once" ? Posted by Picasa

Installing The Stumbling Floor Posted by Picasa

We finished up installing the floor last night, but still have a few small things to do. When it is finished, I will include photo of the completed room.

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