Thursday, December 08, 2005

Greatest Show On Earth

Last night, we took Young Stumbler #4 to the Circus. It was a surprise - she has always wanted to go to the circus. We first went to dinner, and during the meal we gave her some hints. Finally, on the drive to the circus she guessed it (after we spelled circus for her C-I-R-C-U-S ). Here are some photos, not that great, but the show the general circus atmosphere and most of the cool animals.

Elephant Art Posted by Picasa

Every Circus Must Have Clowns... Posted by Picasa

Stack of Clowns Posted by Picasa

Horses and Zebras Posted by Picasa

Camels - One Hump, Two Humps, More? Posted by Picasa

Tigers - GRRRRRR..... Posted by Picasa

Whoa.... Posted by Picasa

Elephants on Stools Posted by Picasa

Step One, Step Two, Be Careful... Posted by Picasa

Through The Hoop ! Posted by Picasa

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