Sunday, December 11, 2005

Racoon Surprise

Today I arrived to my office as normal, and after maybe 1 hour I heard a noise in the front lobby. I thought someone else had arrived. But, after a few minutes, I realized that nobody had walked by my office. Strange, I thought. A little later, I went to the break room to make some tea, and I heard a noise again in the lobby. I went to investigate, and there was a hole in the ceiling. I looked more, and found a racoon! I tried to photograph it, but the light was poor. Here is the photo with some adjustments, but it is not clear:

Racoon Attack!! Posted by Picasa

You can see him on the wall. I called the city animal department to help, but they were not open at that time. They sent the police to help me. Before the police arrive, I discover that there are TWO racoons! One of them is friendly, and I am able to make him go outside through the door. The other one is too shy, and he will not come to the door. The policemen arrive, and they and I are able to push the racoon out the door with broom and carpets.

Quite a surprise.


young stumbler number 1 said...

why are you working on sunday?

Kurios1978 said...

How in the world are there racoons in Seoul city??!! Zoo breakout alert!

Chris said...

No no no - I am now at my home in America. You're right, it would be a serious surprise to find raccoons in Seoul City! My city is surrounded by lots of small mountains and countryside, so the raccoons are not such a surprise (unless they fall from the ceiling).