Wednesday, December 07, 2005

More Violin Playing

When I left my home, it was 2 months ago and the weather was still warm. The weather was turning cold when I returned last week, and now I would say it is now winter time. But, my car has been having some problems. First, I noticed the heater was not working, or it would only work sometimes. Yesterday morning, I left my office at 8am to see YS#3 play violin in a quartet at a local department store.

As I got to my car in the parking lot, I saw some frost on the windshield. No problem, I cleaned it off with the scraper. But the window was STILL not clear! There was also frost on the INSIDE of the windshield! Something is very wrong here. I scraped the frost on the inside, too, and my car looked like it was snowing inside:

Snow INSIDE My Car??? Posted by Picasa

Anyway, I arrived at the department store and got to hear some of the music. Here are two photos:

Young Stumbler #3 on the Violin Posted by Picasa

YS#3 Playing in Quartet Posted by Picasa

I finally figured out my car problem last night. The radiator was VERY low on water. This morning I added antifreeze, it needed just over 1 gallon (4 liters)! But, now the heater is working well. I still cannot explain the snow inside the car, weird. Hopefull I won't have that problem anymore. Now I need to be alert for any small leaks, to find out why the water was so low.

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pdk001 said...

is she your daught on the 2nd photo?