Saturday, December 17, 2005

Letter 3

Well, I have a numbering problem with my letters, but I am too lazy to change it. We go from Letter 1 right to Letter 3. This story is about my car. I drive an old 1989 Mazda 626, which just won't die. Instead of making car payments to the bank every month, I make payments to the mechanic about every 3-6months. I guess I'm coming out ahead.

I noticed several places in this letter and others where I just make a spelling error on a new word. I checked a few of these in my dictionary, and I am just seeing the words wrong. The problem is twofold - my Korean/English dictionary has very small size printing, and my eyesight is getting worse. My eye doctor told me two years ago that I would soon need reading glasses, maybe that time has come. In the meantime, I'll just use a magnifying glass for the dictionary.

요즘에 나는 너무 여해하고있어서,
요즘에 나는 여행을 많이 하고 있어서,
These days, because I am travelling a lot,

9월30일 에서 지난주까지 내 차 오직 주치 핬어요 – 안 몰었어요.
9월 30일부터 지난주까지 내 차를 계속 주차했어요 ( 몰지 않았어요).
From 30 Sep until last week my car was only parked (it wasn't driven).

미국에 돌아왔었어요, 그때 내 차 조금 문제 있었어요.
미국에 돌아왔었어요. 그 때 내 차는 문제가 조금 있었어요.
I came back to America, and my car had a small problem.

어제 나는 문제에게 발견 핬어요.
어제 나는 그 문제를 발견했어요.
Yesterday I found the problem.

기겨공 봤었어요, 그리고 물펌프과 라지에터는 새고있었어요.
기계공이 와서 차를 봤었어요. 그런데 물펌프와 라지에터가 새고 있었어요.
I took my car to the mechanic, and my water pump and radiator was leaking.

오늘 내 차 수리하지만, 내 지갑 50만원 가볍게 하세요.
오늘 내 차를 수리하겠지만, 50만원이 지출이 되어 내 지갑이 가벼워지겠군요.
Today my car was repaired, but my wallet became $500 lighter.


여해하다 to travel 여행하다
주치하다 to park 주차하다
물다 to drive (차를 )몰다
발견하다 to find 발견하다, 찾다
기겨공 mechanic 기계공
펌프 pump
라자에터 radiator (also 라디에이터)
새다 to leak
수리하다 to repair 고치다, 수리하다
지갑 wallet
가변게 하다 to lighten (opposite: to make heavy) 가볍게하다. 가벼워지다

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