Saturday, October 27, 2007


Last night I met my friend JI and one of his buddies JM for dinner. JM suggested a fusion chicken restaurant, which sounded good until I heard that they tried to eat there previously but got lost and didn't find the place. We walked quite awhile, but eventually found it. My first impression was that the place was closed. The lighting was very dim. We sat down and ordered our food, and as I looked around I realized I was eating on the set of the TV show M*A*S*H. This place was decorated to look like an army camp. I was even more surprised when they brought our beers to use in metal canteen cups:

This cup is from the standard US Army WWII canteen (maybe Korean War, too). Back in the USA, I have one of these exact same canteens in the garage!

The place is called The Flying Chicken, but I can't quite connect the name to the decor. They have a website, but even knowing a little Korean I can't figure out how the website is related to the restaurant. There are no photos of food or menus that I can see. Strange.

When I went to buy a loaf of bread today, I noticed some bagels for sale. They had blueberry ones, but I don't really like blueberries. So instead I got a sweet potato bagel! It's not exactly our American sweet potato, but a similar one famous here in Korea. I'm planning to eat it for breakfast, but I don't have cream cheese. Either I'll eat it with jelly or melt some cheddar cheese on it.

Finally let me show this interesting fried snack that came with a place of french fries the other night. I thought it was a weird onion ring, but actually it was potato. Happy Potato.

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