Monday, October 15, 2007

Sweet Sunday

I couldn't believe how tired I was last night, and I wasn't the one suffering from jet lag! I guess it was all that walking around at Itaewon, and stressful driving for over 3 hours that made me so tired. We didn't have a busy schedule today (Sunday), so we took it easy. Everyone slept in, and we met up around 11:30 at TSP hotel room. I am glad that they enjoy the place I chose. It has a wonderful view of the Han River, and I understand the morning breakfast buffet is excellent. Here is The Stumbler looking at some presents from America. The box I am holding contains Grits! YUMMMMMMMMY....

Here are some photos from the room.

We then left the hotel and went to E-Mart. I have been putting off shopping for a week or so, because I wanted to bring TSP along with me. I think it helps a visitor to understand some of the food differences if you can see things at the store. For example, a lot of the Korean vegetables we don't have in America, and it helps to see the plant in the produce section I think. Anyway, we filled up the cart, mostly with my things, but a few small things the TSM wanted to taste or bring back to home.

Finally we came back to my apartment, and just lounged around for a couple hours. TSF needed a nap, and I think jet lag was making them tired. After chatting and resting, we went downstairs and ate some fried chicken at the BHC place. Here's a photo of the church next door to my apartment, as seen from the chicken store (if you're laying down on the street - I am too tired now to rotate this photo):

Around 9:30 I drove them back to their hotel to get an early sleep. Well, maybe not - I understand they have to prepare their income tax statement tonight and submit it online to beat their filing deadline! I gassed up the car, for a small fee of only $90, so tomorrow we will be all ready for The Korean Folk Village. Stay tuned....

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