Thursday, October 11, 2007

Twelve = 800?

You can see from the below detailed flight tracking map where The Stumbling Parents are precisely NOT located at this very moment:

Their flight from LAX to Seoul was overbooked, the Korean Air asked for volunteers. Apparently they received $400 each, plus meals and a $250/night hotel! The total delay will be 12 hours. That means they will arrive $800 richer and well rested, at 5:15PM instead of 5:15AM. The Stumbler, too, should be well rested, not having to wake up at 3:30AM tomorrow morning. I think everyone wins in this situation.

Look forward to great photos of our adventures as one Stumblers leads others around Seoul. BTW, you can tell from the title of this post that I am clearly not a Highly Intelligent Mathematician.

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TacyLou said...

"I am clearly not a Highly Intelligent Mathematician." Kinda stating the obvious there, aren't ya?!