Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tea Fight

Well, for the last full day in Korea, the Yongsan Electronics Market and the traditional Korean market at Namdaemun was on the agenda. My colleague CH had been busy attenting some continuing education classes the past few days, but he was able to join us for today's outing. But before we could begin sightseeing, we had to go ONCE AGAIN to Itaewon to pick up the suit and shirts that TSF and I had made. I couldn't get TSF to pose in his new suit, but here's a photo of my shirts.

After picking up the suits, TSM finally went down the street and bought a special pot she has been talking about all week. This potter seemed to be pretty talented, and she did some research about him on the internet. He is a little bit out of place, there in Itaewon. Anyway, the pot will be shipped by ocean to the USA where it will hopefully arrive in one piece.

After those preliminaries, we headed first to Yongsan for some electronics shopping. But we were too hungry to begin shopping right away, so we searched out some Donkatsu at the food court. This is a dish from Japan that is popular here in Korea. This place was interesting, because there was a bowl at the table with regular and black sesame seeds. And a stick. While you waited for your food, you were supposed to crush up the seeds to make a seasoning - think mortar and pestle. To this was added a special Donkatsu sauce, similar to our BBQ sauces in the USA. The wiki page says it is called "Japanese [thick] Worchestershire Sauce", which is a pretty good description of it.

We were always photographing TSM with her mouth open, so I had to include at least one such picture:

So, we finally hit the shopping area. TSM was really in heaven, with floor after floor of electronic gadgets. She ended up buying a Bluetooth stereo headset for her PDA phone, and an external USB hard drive for archiving her geneological data.

After draining their pocketbooks, we left the car at Yongsan and took a taxi to the Namdaemun market.

Gee, The Stumbler is not looking very happy:

So we arrived at Namdaemun, and TSP were getting tired from all our walking. We went into a coffee shop to have some tea. Just as we were sitting down, some old women at the table behind us began to argue. Really loud. Suddenly one women threw her tea on the other lady! Then the waitress got involved in the argument and was shouting too. Finally they all settled down and left. CH told us they were arguing about money, and TSF thought he meant arguing about who would pay the bill! But the fight was too loud and angry for that, so we think it was about BIG money. Anyway that was a little excitement for the day.

We made it to the market, and got a few small things. I bought TSM an Italy Towel. We saw all sorts of interesting items for sale, and LOTS of clothes.

Well, that finished up our day. Again everyone was too tired to go out to a big dinner, so we ate again at the food court. We ate a fusion fried rice place, then drove back home.

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