Monday, October 15, 2007

Folk Village

Today we drove down to Yong-in City to the Korean Folk Village, a must-see attraction for all foreigners visiting Korea. I've posted photos in the past from the Folk Village, so I'll try only include good ones. Here we go...

These help make a good crop grow we were told:

The Stumbler is paying close attention to the program:

And of course this post won't be complete without the food photos (I'll edit in a few days with the names of these dishes):

For dinner we went to a Shabu-Shabu restaurant. This dish, at least the Korean version, is very delicious and is not at all spicy. Not surprisingly, both TSP loved it. They put a large bowl of broth on the fire to boil, and throw in a lot of leafy vegetables. The meat is very thinly sliced, almost like paper. You swirl around a piece of meat in the broth and it cooks very fast. They have a couple of dipping sauces to use, and it is a fun food to eat. In the past, where I've eaten this, they would prepare a noodle soup in the broth after all the meat was finished. This restaurant did that, but after the noodle soup was finished they made Jjuk (a kind of thick rice soup). We were stuffed afterwards, but it was really very delicious. Here's a photo I lifted from the restaurant's website:

Here is the secret of getting a good parking place in the garage - move the car that is blocking your access!

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