Sunday, October 21, 2007


Today was the last day in Korea for TSP. I went over to their hotel in the morning, and helped them packing, and also I installed Asian fonts on TSM's computer.

After getting all packed and the car loaded, we walked down the street and ate Korean fast food at the Kimbap Heaven - you could call this the Korean McDonald's. Then it was off to the Airport. Here's the bridge to Incheon:

You can see that after 10 days in Seoul, even TSM was giving the "V" sign for photos:

I asked the Korean Air clerk to please make an exception and allow my parents to use the lounge. I told her that I was a Skyteam Elite Plus member with over 1 Million Miles. My mother came to Korea for sightseeing, and broke her toe. Could they please allow them to stay in the lounge? To my surprise, the manager easily agreed to that request. But she actually seemed more worried that she couldn't offer them adjacent seats. But TSM reported back to me that once the plane took off, the seat next to her was empty, so they got to sit together afterall. And it was a bulkhead seat, with extra legroom.

Well, that's all for the trip reports. I have prepared a trip summary, which I will post about next. We had a great time, and TSM was already making a list of places to visit "next time"....

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