Saturday, March 10, 2007

Baby Time

I finally went to CH home the other night to visit HS and their new baby girl ES. I am proud to report that I can still hold a baby, although I must have been a little rusty. CH had to give me some suggestions.

Here is HS holding ES. I don't know what ES was looking at, but all the photos she was checking out something in the other room I think.

Now for the food photos. This is a combination food photo and geometry question. How do you take square pieces of ham and cheese, and cut them into triangles with the minimum amount of waste? I have a guess, but I really don't know the answer. How about cutting a cucumber in an oval that is bigger than the cucumber itself?

This was my ramen breakfast one day this week (in Korea it is spelled "ramyon", and is reportedly a much different food product and with a better taste than the japanese "ramen" version of the same food). I don't think I put enough water into it this time, because it was quite thick. Similar to the ramen we have in America, it is very easy to prepare, just boil with water and use the enclosed spice packages. However, it is customary here to cut up some green onions into the soup and also crack an egg into it as it is finishing up cooking. But this morning, instead of one egg I put two eggs. Delicious. However, in contrast to the frequent boasting about healthy Korean food, my friends here are all warning me "Please don't eat ramyon very often, it is really not a healthy food".

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