Monday, March 19, 2007

Kimchi Cheese Fried Rice

Another food post. Well, last time I made rice, I must have prepared too much. The rule, I think I have mentioned before, is 48 hours in the rice cooker. You must eat it all before then or throw it away. (Well, in the past I have frozen some as a third option). At lunchtime today, my rice cooker sat at 44 hours, and I had no soup or anything to eat with it. So, I decided to make fried rice. This is also in keeping with our new apartment management's policy on reducing food trash. I don't know why, but apparently our residents are making too much food trash (by whose standards, I don't know). So, intead of throwing it out, I decided to fry it up. I made some Kimchi Cheese fried rice. Don't ask for a recipe - because I didn't have many of the indgredients in my recipe, I just made it up as I cooked. It turned out pretty good. While my recipe commented that frozen peas worked really well in this dish, it tasted just fine to me having used canned peas. Seems to me once you stir fry them in all that butter, garlic, soy sauce, onions, etc., it would be hard to tell the difference anyway.

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