Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pocket Towels

Any of my friends who have seen me spill something in the past few years (something I do frequently) will no doubt remember my habit of carrying a special "towel" style handkerchief, something I picked when visiting Japan. In Japan, I learned quickly that they don't have towels in the bathroom - they expect everyone to carry their own towels around with them! I have even heard some Japanese people carry their own ashtray around with them.

Well my supply of these handkerchiefs has dwindled recently and I only had one left. This is strange, because I don't remember ever throwing any of them away - I have no idea where they have gone missing. Maybe I could find some still in my back pants pocket where they went through the washing machine and I forgot about it. Well recently one of my friends helped me locate a supply of these towel handkerchiefs here in Korea (online shopping of course), so now I have a fresh supply to last me many more years of happy spill cleanup, hand drying, and eyeglass cleaning (I don't actually think I have ever blown my nose into one of these).

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Mama Stumbler said...

They look rather like wash rags. What are they made of. And I certainly hope your haven't blown your nose on one of them! Your grandfather always carried 2 handkerchiefs - the new one for eyeglass cleaning, handing to ladies to cry into, and what not, and yesterday's new handkerchief, now slightly used for the nose blowing. Then your poor grandmother had to take the horrible thing and WASH IT. How she did it withoug touching it I never knew.