Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mark on Seoul

It's not often that a single person can leave a lasting mark on a city of 10 million (20 million if you count the entire metropolitan area). Alas, The Stumbler has left his permanent mark on Seoul:

What you see above is the repaired service panel that I fell through back in November. They have welded it to the larger plate now. This is my legacy. Anyone visiting the Ohmokkyo Subway station (오목교역) on line 5, be sure to check it out at exit #1. Perhaps I should have a talk with the station master, and see if we can have a small but tasteful brass plaque installed on the wall, commerating my tragic accident. Well, in contrast to my mark on Seoul, I guess one could also say that Seoul has also left it's mark on me, since I am the proud owner of the previously mentioned scar on my right leg.

I took this photo with my cell phone camera, which only has 3.2 mega pixels. That sounds like a lot, but the optical lens isn't that great, and the flash is not super effective. I played around with this photo on my computer, and decided I liked it better as black & white (there wasn't much color in the original, anyway). In a future post The "High-Tech-Gadget-Happy" Stumbler will rant about how many gadgets I have to carry around with me. Complete integration of the popular ones is still years away, I'm afraid.

Sorry for no more exciting photos. The past few days the weather changed from almost spring time to a winter time again, we even had some light snow flurries all day on Monday. Yesterday the high temp was -3 deg C (that's 26 deg F for my metric-challenged friends) This has tended to keep me inside for a few days, thus limiting my photo opportunities.

Question for the day - are degress "C" called CENTIGRADE or CELCIUS? Or are BOTH acceptable? I vaguely remember learning both terms during my education many years ago. Has one of these terms edged out the other?

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