Saturday, March 17, 2007

Stumbling Lunch

I invented my own Korean food for lunch today. Here is a photo of the whole meal (no, I didn't eat all that - there are left overs for another meal or snack).

And here is my masterpiece zoomed-in with details:

Mama Stumbler complained that I don't have receipes for these delicious Korean foods. Well, guilty as charged. In my defense, I did give Mama Stumbler a Korean cookbook recently (it was even written in English). Since that was not enough, here is a website I have used to print a few recipes. I will say here what I told Mrs. Stumbler recently - in my Korean cooking, I don't have to worry about whether the recipe calls for a tablespoon (tbsp) or teaspoon (tsp) of something, because in my kitchen I only have one size spoon! And don't laugh - but I have observed a Korean cook using the back of a pair of chopsticks as a kind of scoop to measureme spices! From that website, the dishes I have cooked are (using their romanization) Dwenjang Chigae (fremented soybean paste soup) and Saewoo Bokumbop (shrimp fried rice).

Your mileage may vary...

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