Friday, March 16, 2007

Misc Mid March

Just a mixture of photos this post. I found this photo on my cell phone today, I guess my friend SC was playing with my phone camera when he recently visited for a short time. I'm posting this because I think YS#4 has forgotten SC's face, and unfortunately SC will be away in Thailand for the next 3 months.

I need to take a better photo of this next time, but I felt conspicuous standing on the street taking her photo. This is the parking lot greeter at the local "Homever" store (think of a Korean WalMart). She greets each car with wild and coordinated hand movements ushering them into the parking lot. Each greeter has a unique and different style, also. Fascinating.

I had a craving for some western food again last night, so I went to a pasta restaurant I know. Had something called "Bulgogi Lasagna". Bulgogi is a Korean syle of marinated beef, so I guess this wouldn't be a true western meal - instead they would call is "fusion food" here. Anway, it was delicious and just what I needed. After dinner, I had some leftover cheesecake which CH's wife sent to me yesterday for a dessert.

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Mama Stumbler said...

OK, I have seen endless pictures of food that is described as mouth wateringly delicious. However, nary a recipe have I seen. Pictures of ingredients before and after cooking, but no recipe telling how much and how to combine them. Next time I'd like to see some directions, some instructions, some way to produce the same delicious, mouth watering, little morsels for my own culinary delight.

A suggestion for starters. I'd like a recipe for those delicious daikon pickles we had in H'ville. I've been trying and trying, but can't quite get it right. I've desecrated several very good daikons and let several others grow roots in my fridge.