Sunday, April 08, 2007

Costco Caper

We went on a little adventure yesterday. Took the subway to the Yeongdeungpo-gu Office Station and walked a short way to the Yangpyeong Costco store. There were a lot of cool things, most of them packaged too big for The Stumbler's small apartment. However, this place turns out to be a great source for cheese!! If only for cheese, I will be returning to this place in the future. They also had a cheap snack bar, similar to our Costco store in the USA.

(I had a hard time finding directions on the web - the Costco site assumes you are coming by car. For anyone interested, take the #3 exit from the station, turn left, and proceed west about 5 minutes walk. We actually turned 180 degrees from the exit and then went right, but I think any of those west-bound streets will get you there. It is a big red building, kind of hard to miss, just past a big green net covered golfing practice building. The household goods are on the first floor, and if you search hard near the entrance, you will find the ramp to the B1 level where the food is. Beware - the Korean shoppers were much more eager to eat the free food samples compared to the USA).

I have a short history of exchanging illuminated sporting items with The Stumbling Brother. After he began the trend by giving me the illuminated night time fishing line float, I reciprocated by giving him an illuminated badminton birdie. He almost got a new gift this time:

However, on closer inspection, this was not an illuminated Hockey puck as I thought, but instead it was a small light that was made in the SHAPE of a Hockey puck. I think if you actually hit it like a real puck, it would have come apart. Another manly gift I saw, but was too big to bring back on the airplane, was this small 18 million candle power flashlight. Perfect for looking for those lost keys under the sofa, or finding orbiting satellites in the night sky.

As you can see from the photo below, this flashlight would be a perfect accessory for Young Stumbler #4:

Last night was busy here at The Stumbling Apartment. We had a nocturnal visit by both the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy!!! This morning YS#4 woke up to find FOUR quarters under her pillow, and many easter eggs hidden around the home. (Apparently the Tooth Fairy didn't have time to exchange his money to Korean wons, so The Stumbler was nice enough to swap YS#4 4 quarters for 1000 won - I think YS#4 came out slightly ahead in that deal).

Happy Easter.

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