Monday, April 30, 2007

Pledge Danger

I pulled out a folding table this weekend, in order to work on a laptop computer. Since the table had been stored under the sofa for awhile, it was a little dusty. I pulled out a can of Pledge and proceeded to dust the table top. It worked quite well, and the surface was very clean and shiny. However, there was some overspray from the Pledge can onto the floor, and CH and I have nearly killed ourselves today when walking near this table. In fact, I came home from dinner and went to open the window, and nearly busted my head on the floor it was so slippery.

Also, my fridge broke today. It has a small door for access to a small drink compartment, adnd the latch broke. We called the repairman, but they have to order a whole new door, which won't arrive until Thursday. So for now, it is taped shut.

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