Friday, April 20, 2007

Wrap Up

The Stumbling girls visit wrapped up this week. First we went to visit my friends WJ and HJ, who recently had their first baby SS:

From left to right, that is HJ, WJ, and SS. Fortunately SS looks like HJ and not WJ! We went out to dinner after meeting the baby, and at some delicions Shaboo-shaboo (it is very thinly sliced beef which you boil in a boiling pot of thin broth with vegetables). The best part for me, as always, was when the meat was finished and they made a noodle soup (kal-guk-soo) in the left over broth. I requested extra garlic and red pepper, and it was so delicious!

Young Stumbler #4 made me a lion and a sheep this week. They can be used to hold small note papers. Also this week, the Stumbling girls really wanted to go visit one of the factories where we do some of our production work. I brought them along, and they had in interesting experience. Mrs. Stumbler was a little bored, I think, but YS#4 had a great time with all the factory ladies. Whenever they were on break, she could be seen surrounded by the ladies all talking and laughing. Here she is posing with a small shipment we had just completed.

Yesterday we left Korea for Hawaii, and had an uneventful if long trip. It was pleasant flight, and we were able to take the non-stop flight from Seoul to Honolulu. One week here in paradise, then back to Seoul for The Stumbler.

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