Monday, April 16, 2007

To The Zoo

On Tuesday, we decided to go on an outing to the Seoul Grand Park. This is a huge complex boasting a zoo, a technology museum, an art museum, and an amusement park. CH was very kind to drive us to the park, whereupon it immediately began to rain. After scrambling for two umbrellas, we began touring the zoo. Within 10 minutes of buying overpriced umbrellas, naturally the rain stopped, and we had to carry them around with us the rest of the afternoon.

Here are some of the more interesting animals we saw.

Near the end of our visit, Young Stumbler #4 wanted to take the Sky Lift back to the exit. The Stumbler has never been a big fan of Sky Lifts, and this time was no exception:

But as you can see from the big smile, YS#4 enjoyed it very much:

When the day was over, we took the subway back home. It was rush hour time, and there were no seats. We had to stand up for over an hour on the subway, along with two transfers! Everyone was bushed when we got home. I think that was the night we decided not to cook dinner, nor go out for dinner. Instead I called the pizza ship across the street and ordered delivery.

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The Stimbling Mother said...

I forgot to tell you when this was posted that I really liked the hippopotamus! S/he is going in my collection, A magnificient creature!!!