Friday, April 06, 2007

Out and About

The visit this time is not a vacation like last time, as I am very busy with work. But we did take some time Saturday to go around a little bit. I had to get a computer at the Yongsan electronics shopping area, and CH took us all there for shopping and lunch. Afterwards, CH drove us for a short visit to Samcheongak where we walked around and enjoyed the fresh mountain air.

Here are the Stumbling Shoes...

YS#4 in a small pavillion. Looks like something from a cartoon to me:

YS#4 and CH:

CH and The Stumbler:

After walking around for about 30 minutes, we went to the coffee shop. CH was surprised that the ownership had changed since he was last there, and the prices were sky high! I think one cup of tea for Mrs. Stumber was $10. If you read on the website link about, you will find Samcheongak was "first established in 1972 as a special Korean saloon for high ranks." I believe now days it is a "high-priced saloon for the regular ranks"...

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