Friday, July 27, 2007

Bump Will Remain

Today CH and I finally got around to visiting the doctor who sewed up my leg after the subway accident last November. I think I may have mentioned that I still have quite a nasty bump at the site of the injury. Well, the doctor poked around the bump with his fingers, and examining it with an ultra-sound machine. He proclaimed that the bump was simply a collection of blood and fluid. The reason I have this bump is that the outer layer of my muscle (facia?) is missing right there where I was cut. He said he could open it up and try to sew the facia back together, but in his experience there was a very good chance that it would not work well, and I would still have the bump even after a second set of stitches.

I'm not sure I'm completely happy with that answer. But it is not causing me any problems for the time being, and it is not dangerous, so I'm going to live with it for now. By the way, the total bill for the doctor's visit and the ultra-sound examination was only $20, and remember that I am paying full price because I don't have Korean health insurance. And I was in and out of there in less than 15 minutes TOTAL time - that includes waiting, the doctor's visit, the ultra-sound, and the payment. Completely amazing.

After the doctor's visit, we ate ice cold noodles, a traditional Korean summer-time dish that I'm going to learn to like this summer. It isn't the taste that bothers me, but I have mental-block about eating cold food that is, um, well, food. For some reason, my mind insists that cold food should be a beverage, something sweet, or salad. I hear that some western people immediately take a liking to this food, so maybe I'm a little bit unusual (no comments, please).

As a follow-up to the sandal scandal post, let me state that my Korean engineer friend JI told me that while it was indeed the style to wear socks with sandals in Seoul, it was only an OLD MEN's style! Thanks, JI. (If the sock fits...) Well, given my reportely permanent leg disfigurement, and my ignorance of footwear ettiquette, I believe I must now give up any ambitions I may have had for becoming a sock and sandal model!

Above is photo of my ugly legs proudly showing my subway accident "bump", and also displaying what I've now been told on two continents is the proper method for young men to wear sandals.

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Allison said...

those sandals, while worn correctly, are kind of ugly. you should get some chacos!