Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cracked LCD

Quick story, again praising the Samsung phone service center. Last night when I got home from dinner, I noticed that my cell phone display screen looked weird. Some of the colors were backwards, almost like a negative. I decided to reset the phone by removing and re-inserting the battery. Well, when I did that, the main screen was a complete blank and the small outside screen had two odd looking shapes. I have no idea what happened, I don't remember dropping my phone. Anyway, CH made another reservation for me at the Samsung service center this afternoon, and I went by myself to have it repaired. The man examined my phone, and told me it would require that the LCD be replaced, and would cost about $50. That may seem like a lot in the USA, but here in Korea a cell phone can cost between $500 and $800. He told me it would take 40 minutes, but in fact he was finished in only 30 minutes. I brought along a book to read while I waited, and during the wait the staff went around service iced tea to all the customers waiting for their repairs! That's definitely a little step up from cell phone service I've experienced in the USA.

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