Sunday, July 01, 2007


I suffered through another 10 days in Hawaii. I say suffer because this time was particularly hard on my sleep schedule. Sometimes my working schedule in Hawaii may be terrible for the locals, but works great for me having come from Korea. Well, this time that was not the case. I think this was the worst possible schedule as far as my jet lag went. I had envisioned lots of free time working on my Korean language studies and doing some odd work-related projects, but instead I spent most of my free time sleeping or feeling very groggy.

Here are the obligatory palm tree and food photos. The side dish with the Salmon steak is something I learned here in Korea, 야채볶음, literally "fried vegetables", but I would describe it roughly as stir-fried vegetables.

Here I am arriving at Incheon Internation Airport in Seoul

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Homer said...

Nice photos Chris!