Sunday, July 01, 2007

Live Cafe

I visited a place recently that is known for what is called "Live Cafes". I can't think of a single word or phrase to describe this in English. The one I visited was like a large restaurant with all the tables arranged to have a good view of the stage, where singers performed. My impression is that these places are where the older singers perform. I wanted to say "past their prime", but I don't think that would be fair. The singers I saw, and others that I hear about who play at these locales, are still excellent singers. This place is called Mi-Sa-Ri, and I think there were at least a dozen or more of these Live Cafes along the main street. Who knows how many more smaller ones there might me. The first act was a group whose name translates to "Treble Clef". The main singer was quite the performer. His manner and moves were so funny. If I had seen him on a silent film, I would have thought "this guy is only an actor, surely he can't sing", but in fact, he has an amazing voice. I really enjoyed that group, and while they performed some slow ballad songs very well, they excelled at the up-tempo songs.

The "main" act of the evening was 민혜경, or Min Hae Kyung. At first, she came onto the stage and sang two slow ballad songs. Her expression was a little odd, to me it looked like she was very tired. But, far from it. Suddenly the remaining songs showed that she was very full of energy, and was surprisingly fit and active for a singer who is probably a little older than the Stumbler. Her voice was very good, and I really enjoyed her performance. I think after seeing her for the whole show, I conclude that she naturally has a pretty serious expression on her face, and that is why I thought she was tired at the beginning of the show. A great singer with a lot of spunk still in her.

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