Friday, July 06, 2007

O'Beer O'Clock

Finally remembered to take a photograph of Trevor at his new bar in Mokdong, Beer O'Clock, or as I jokingly call it "O'Beer O'Clock". About 2-1/2 years ago, when my colleague John and I moved here to Seoul, we ran across Trevor and a couple of his friends one night at the corner 7-11 store. They were at a table outside the 7-11 drinking beer, and this was our first time in Korea to see what we jokingly called the "7-11 bar". Since then I've noticed that this is a common thing, especially when the weather is nice. Trevor hails from Canada, but we won't hold that against him. Since that time John and I sat down at the 7-11 bar with Trevor, he has quit his teaching job, married a very nice lady MY and bought a bar that is popular with the foreign population here. You might think that is only Canadians and Americans, but surprisingly I've met folks from all over in just a few trips to his bar. One night alone, we met guests from Korea, America, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa! Quite the international watering hole.

As you can see from his website, he reportedly makes a mean sandwich on Ciabatta bread, although everytime we've eaten any food there it has always been a spicy chicken dish from the restaurant upstairs. The name translates as "Fire Chicken with Cheese". It's so delicious and I don't know any other place to buy it. But next time I'll have to try this signature sandwich.

As I was downloading the photo of Trevor and MY from my cell phone, I ran into this photo from a few weeks ago. I saw this spray bottle at the local mart:

The name of this product translated to English is "CHRIS COATING". Since The Stumbler's name is CHRIS, I was a little surprised. Why do I need coating? All joking aside, I still don't quite know what this product is for. It was in the automotive section, but I don't know why a coating product would be identified as "CHRIS" coating.

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