Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mogi Killer

Mosquitoes (MOGI in Korean) have been bothering me lately. I don't leave my windows open, so I have no idea how they are getting into the apartment. My only guess is they fly in through the door when we go in and out. Or maybe twice a day I will open the window for maybe 30 seconds, lean out and check the weather. If this is how they get inside, they must be always hovering right outside the door or window just waiting for a chance to come in.

When John and I first moved here we had some "Mogi Killing Machines". I still have one, but I question how well it works, especially after 2 years. There is some kind of chemical inside, and I think perhaps it has lost it's effectiveness. Here is that machine, which is battery powered:

Yesterday, I got tired of being bitten so much, and CH recommended another style of Mogi Killing Machine, which is shown below. This one plugs into the wall, so no batteries to replace. But, there is a small piece of blue cardboard that contains the "Mogi Yak", which I believe translates to "Mosquitoe Medicine". It only last about 1/2 or 1 day, which is a bummer. The verdit is still out on this device. I had it running all night, but still found three mosquitoes flying around this morning.

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