Saturday, July 07, 2007

Tree Hospital

I was taking a short walk this morning, and saw the strangest sight. In the park area of the new Hyperion II apartment complex, I noticed something out of place. On close inspection, two of the trees had IV bottles feeding them some kind of tree medicine! Actually, someone had pulled the IV line out of one of the trees, probably a case of arboricide I think.

Here's a close up that's a little more clear:

Lately, I've been disappointed in my cell phone camera, despite the fact that it has 3.2 Megapixel resolution. In all fairness, I think it takes pretty decent photos in good light. Only in low light situations does the quality drop off. Maybe it's my imagination, but it seems that the low-light quality drops off a LOT faster for my cell phone camera than my normal digital camera. Part of that reason is the flash, but the cell phone camera also has some kind of "flash" system (it seems more like a light than a flash). But my uneducated opinion is that the fundamental reason is size - there is only so much light you can gather with the very small lens system in a cell phone compared to a larger camera.

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bethwark said...

Chris! I just saw the same thing, and have been stumped! I have searched everywhere for answers!~ I have been visiting in Seoul for the past couple weeks. I took a great picture of this. Any ideas? Feeding nutrients? Insecticide? I'd love to know!