Friday, February 22, 2008

Celcius or Centigrade?

I had a chance to use my new fancy combination microwave / oven this week as a real oven. Sunday night I went to the pizza restaurant, and brought back some pizza to eat the next night. I decided to heat it up in the oven. I thought, hmmm, let's reheat this at 350 degress. I began playing with the oven controls, and saw I was able to set the temperature with the knob, but it wouldn't go any higher than 230 degrees! Ah ha! This is in Celcius, not Fahrenheit. I got out my calculator, and decided to use 175 deg C. Clearly baking in the oven will require a temperature conversion chart, similar to the one I had for the weather.

Therefore, as a public service, I am posting my ever-handy temperature conversion nomograms today in this post. The general weather one is posted on my fridge, and the oven chart is posted on the top of the oven.

The reason for the break in the scale is that the oven jumps from 40 to 100 degress, then from 100 to 230 it is settable in 5 degree increments. I'm not sure what 40 degrees is for, maybe just warming bread?

BTW, is it Centigrade or Celcius? When I was in school we used Centigrade, but everyone uses Celcius these days.

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