Saturday, February 02, 2008

Moving Day

Well, it happened. The big move went down today. Both home and office items were moved to two new locations - you guessed it - new home and office. It was everything I expected; it was nothing at all like I expected. The movers showed up at exactly 8am as expected. And they went RIGHT to it. Things were flying out of the rooms faster than I could imagine. While 95% of the items were clearly separated (home / office) by what rooms they were in, there were a few exceptions. We managed the best we could. There were three guys and one lady. The lady did all the kitchen items, and the guys handled everything else. Amazingly, we were packed and out of there in 3 hours by 11am!

Goodbye Room 1211....

After packing up, we first went to the office, and unloaded everthing. It was amazing, they completly unpacked and stored all the items in 30 minutes. Here's a shot of the office as we found it this morning, before moving things in. We only had some electronic items and parts that we moved Thursday, and some new shelves and cabinets that were delivered Friday. I'll try to post more complete photos on Monday.

Here are some photos of the new home. Again, the unpacking went surprisingly fast. Also carefully orchestrated were the deliveries of the refrigerator, the oven, the TV table, and the telephone / internet installation. By 4:30pm the movers were done (and that included a very thorough scrubbing of the bathrooms and kitchen, along with vacuuming and wet-mopping the floors).

Here's a photo of the intended entertainment center. Problem is that I have too much A/V equipment. It simply wouldn't fit in the space provided. With this alternate furniture arrangment, I have the ability to look out the window and enjoy the view at the same time that I watch TV (but I can't see the TV from the treadmill). Also I can watch TV from the kitchen while cooking or eating.

In this shot you can see the small kitchen, the space for the yet-to-be-purchased kitchen table, and also the clothes drying rack I had to buy today (see the blue box - it isn't assembled yet). I need to wash some clothes tomorrow, I hope I can figure out the buttons. The new washing machine is the same brand, but the buttons and knobs are in completely different locations.

Well, I'm beat. Going to take a shower in my new bathroom, which should be an experience. One bathroom in the front hall has an ordinary shower, but the one in my bedroom is strange. Basically the whole small bathroom becomes a shower. Then I'll go eat a sandwich and crash. I need some rest.

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