Sunday, February 03, 2008

Lazy Lazy

Despite great plans of organizing everthing today, I was simply tired and lazy all day. I slept poorly my first night here. The past three days I have been breathing a lot of dust, and that finally started to bother me last night. Also, I kept waking up with a very dry mouth. I've since found the humidifier, so hopefully tonight will be better.

I did manage two important tasks today, I washed my clothes and towels, and assembled the drying rack (featured in yesterday's photo). Just as CH predicted, I had it assembled halfway, when I realized I made a mistake and had to take it apart and start over!

I had planned to have my suitcase all packed by now for my short trip to the USA, but all the clothes aren't dry yet. I guess I'll pack tomorrow. I'm starting to worry, however, that tomorrow will be so busy, my attendance at the Monday night Super Bowl Party might be at risk.

Here is the view from my new window, looking back towards my old neighborhood.

One diet point - the convenience store at this new building doesn't sell Diet Cokes. I was about to ask for them to order some, when I decided to give them up and drink only green tea. We'll see how long this lasts...

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