Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Just returned Sunday night from a whirlwind trip to the USA. I am proud that I did not take a nap at all during the return, which usually happens and results in completely messed up sleep times. Instead I made it until about 9pm each night, and woke up around 4am or so each morning. I had a great time, and was insanely busy with appointments and work.

Here are some photos of the new office. It still has not been organized well, but it is starting to look like a real office instead of piles of boxes (well, there is one box you can see in the photo).

In this first photo above, you are looking into the office from the door. The large windows on the opposite wall look roughly northeast, directly at a large building under construction. But when you are standing at the window, you can see other things and the view is nice. On the left side of the photo is the electronics lab bench, where most of the engineering work is done. That is the most disorganized part of the office at this time. Yesterday I hooked up the electricity to the lab bench, and also installed grounding wires to the mat. In the process I discovered a bad multi-tap outlet. This outlet put about 100 volts onto the ground wire for some reason. Discovering that fact was quite a shocking experience! I've thrown that outlet away - don't want anyone else to get shocked by it.

Further down on the left, past the lab bench, is my desk (you can't see it well because of the stereo microscope on the lab bench is blocking the view). You can also see our small conference table by the window. On the right are cabinets and shelves, holding our various projects, samples, parts, all the kinds of items found in engineering office.

In this photo, you are looking back towards the entrance. The desk in the corner is for CH, and there is one empty desk for future growth. You can see my coat hanging on the cabinet door - I haven't bought a coat rack yet. I hope to find one that I can screw into the wall. I have a free-standing coat rack at the apartment, and I've never been quite happy with that style. It seems always ready to tip over... maybe my coats are just too heavy.

Finally, here is what it was all supposed to look like, when I was in the planning stage. Most of the items shown are here. We still don't have a water cooler (well, the ones here in Korea are both water coolers and heaters). We also have one shelf missing, which will be delivered today. That should pretty much fill up the place for now. More storage and/or people could be added, but the layout would be more complicated. As it is, this place is really simple, just a long rectangular room with no walls or rooms.

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