Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Violent Dentist

I had to take a photo of this new dentist's office moving into our building complex. I saw an advertisement for this place the other day, and couldn't believe the name "Violent Dentist"! Yesterday they hung this huge banner advertising the new office, so I had to take a photo. The banner shows us that the owner's intention was to spell the English word "BILANT". I don't know if that is someone's family name, or perhaps it is a dental procedure? Anyway, when you spell it in Korean, it sure looks like VIOLENT. I wonder if (s)he'll get much business?

EDIT: One Korean friend suggested that "BILANT" might be an abbreviation for BICON IMPLANT, something I've never heard of.

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Mama Stumbler said...

Not from me!!!!!!!

Reminds me of a dentist in B'ham named Dr. Pain. You'd think a person intelligent enough to be a dentist would be intelligent enough to know such words turn people OFF!!! This is a very bood example of the uses of a Liberal Education!