Sunday, February 17, 2008

Drawers Finally

The new home has a couple of built-in closets, but no drawers. In my bedroom, there is only one small closet. When we were apartment shopping, this place seemed to have a small kitchen table. However, in hindsight it appears this belonged to the previous owner. I didn't fully appreciate this until moving in, so early this week we ordered a closet and kitchen table.

Hopefully this is the last furniture delivery, unless you count window shades as furniture. They should be installed next week I hope. At first, I was really bothered by everyone being able to see me. But after being here one week, I just don't care anymore. But there is another reason for the blinds, and that is the sun. My window looks to the west, and gets a VERY strong afternoon sun. It's so strong I can't see the TV or computer screen from say 2pm until 5pm.

I've already initiated the table this morning, by eating some Korean Ramen Noodles (see photo below, which I shamelessly stole from Dave's House O' Ramen website, where he reviews several different brands of Ramen. This photo might be of Shin Ramen made in America, not the actual package I ate this morning). Now I'm off to hang up my clothes and fill my drawers....

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